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Textes personnels

Résumé du livre “Le rêve brisé - Histoire de l’échec du processus de paix au Proche Orient 1995-2002” de Charles Enderlin.

Une journée dans la vie d'Antananarivo

Touching the Void

Lever les sanctions de l'O.N.U. et reconnaître le régime des Taliban: la vraie façon d'aider l'Afghanistan ?, essai, 2001


Links about geography

Here are what I have found to be the best sites about geography on the net.

To find a place and locate it on a map:

  • earthsearch.net gives geographic and geospatial information about any place in the world. Information is very complete and accurate. You can then use the geographic information as an input to GoogleEarth to precisely locate the place in a satellite imagery.
  • The Fuzzy Gazetteer is a good complement to earthsearch.net. It enables you to find geographic features even when you do not know the exact name of the place you are looking for. A list of similar names is returned, web-linked to the JRC Digital Map Archive of the European Commission. It searches 7,205,433 place names world-wide.
  • The Global Gazetteer is similar to earthseach.net although less easy to handle, but includes elevation.
  • For maps of everything and everywhere check the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection of the University of Texas at Austin.
  • For street maps check Multimap or MapQuest.

For statistics:


Le modèle social-libéral nordique est-il idéal et applicable à la France? Voici les articles du Monde sur ce sujet:

Excellente étude sur le modèle Danois "La flexicurité Danoise, quels enseignements pour la France?" (20 avril 2006)

Juldu.com 2000

Juldu.com version 2000 can still be consulted. You will find an information page and a list of resources about the air transport industry in Bolivia. It is a bit outdated as it dates back to spring 2000. Also, in Juldu.com 2000, I included many pictures of my first trip to Bolivia: a trek in the Cordillera Apolobamba, the ascension of the Huayna Potosi and the Salar de Uyuni/Sud Lipez.