Thank you to Harifullah, our courageous and friendly 19-year old interpreter from Kabul. Thanks to Besmellah for introducing him to us, and for taking good care of us in Kabul. Thanks to the wali of Badakhshan for letting us go beyond Faizabad without the proper authorization. Thanks to Mir Abdul Wahed, the military commander of the Eshkashem district, for providing us with the necessary laissez-passer to enter into the Wakhan. Thanks to Shah-e-Panj, the ismaili leader of Qala-e-Panj, for his hospitality. Thanks to Islam-u-Din, the leader of Bourguitiar in the Little Pamir; Hajji Tordia Akhun, the leader of the Big Pamir; Mohamad Aslam Khan, the leader of Bechkonok and Fazel Shah, the leader of Elghonok, for their hospitality in their respective settlements.

Thanks to Golmamad from Karchyndy, and Abdul Rafar from Elghonok, our two best and most friendly guides. Thanks to the Wakhi and Kirghiz people of Eshkashem, Qala-e-Qazde, Khandud, Qala-e-Panj, Sost, Ghaz Khan, Sheulk, Rorun, Rochung, Sarhad, Karchyndy, Bourguitiar, Saremokor, Mollah, Bechkonok and Elghonok for their hospitality and friendliness all along the way. Although we did not meet with him, thanks to Dr Alex Duncan from Ghaz Khan for the wonderful job he is doing. Thanks to Philippe Valéry and François Carrel, for the many doors that the photos we delivered on their behalf in the Wakhan helped us to open. Thanks to Didier for his film-making expertise. Finally, thanks to Régis, who made all this happen.

Thanks to the United Nations Environment Programme (Anthony Fitzherbert), the US Department of State, Bijan Omrani and Matthew Leeming, John Mock and Kimberley O’Neil, Mark Jenkins, Go Hirai, Wikipedia, etc. for all the information I was able to compile from their respective publications or trip reports. Thanks to Luis Miguel Lopez Soriano and Matthieu Paley for their input. Thanks to Sébastien Trives and Sarah Robinson for their help in the preparation of our trip.  For the web page design, thanks to Mickey for coaching me on Adobe GoLive 5.0.