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Posted: 7 December 2007
Name: Guy Delaunay
Organization: Equaterre
Location: France
Web Site:
Feedback: Working for some years in Tajik Pamirs on eco-cultural projects with AKF, I look forward to open all links with Afghanistan to strengthen the tourism network.

Posted: 28 November 2007
Name: Iman Rahim
Organization: Silk Road Adventures
Location: Pakistan, China, Uzbekistan
Web Site:
Feedback: Hi, Great stuff...i am really looking forward to run some tours in this part of Pamir. keep it up. Cheers Iman

Posted: 5 November 2007
Name: Daniela Katja
Organization: Dances of the Silk Road
Location: Zurich
Web Site: http://www.katjadaniela.ch/
Feedback: Really beautifull fotos!

Posted: 26 October 2007
Name: Robert Middleton
Organization: Pamirs
Location: Dushambe, Tajikistan 
Web Site: http://www.pamirs.org
Feedback: Congratulations on your superb website.

Posted: 12 October 2007
Name: Emmanuel Bagonoc
Email: manuel.bagonoc@interargo.ph

Web Site:
Feedback: I love it. Hope I can visit one day. a bit scared with security situation in other parts of Afghanistan. I'm not sure if we can bypass Kabul going there. Its heavenly, pure & beautiful.

Posted: 30 September 2007
Name: Erfawn Akhtar-Khavari
Organization: EAAC
Location: Texas, USA
Web Site: http://www.dfwsafetycards.8m.com/
Feedback: I really like how you have your safety card collection, and trade list set up! Continue your great work with your site, and hopefully we can trade in the near future.

Posted: 8 September 2007
Name: Andreas Pflueger
Organization: Trekkingforum.com
Web Site: www.trekkingforum.com
Feedback: Hi, Great guide! I've just hopped over it searching for resources for our Afghanistan discussion at trekkingforum.com. Cheers, Andreas.

Posted: 15 August 2007
Name: Alexis Ramseyer
Location: Geneva
Web Site:

Feedback: Congratulations for a real good piece of work and information about one of world's touristic best kept secret ! Best regards, Alexis, Geneva Switzerland.

Posted: 19 June 2007
Name: Asif Soroush
Organization: AKDN-AKF
Location: Faizabad, Afghanistan
Web Site: www.akdn.org

Feedback: I have reviewed your site, you did a great job and it is a great help for Wakhan/Pamir visitors.

Posted: 4 June 2007
Name: Karen Sagar
Location: UK
Web Site:

Feedback: Loved the website and the photos - I travelled to Afghanistan and trekked in the Wakan corridor in summer 2005. Your photos remind me of what a stunning place and how lovely the people we met were.

Posted: 30 May 2007
Name: Daniel Sprague
Email: zeus_xy@hotmail.com

Location: Hawkhurst, UK
Web Site:

Feedback: What a fantastic resource for anyone planning, or just interested in the region. I am hoping to take my own 4x4 across the Ishkashim border this year, and this site has given me invaluable information. Many thanks

Posted: 30 April 2007
Name: Asaba Owerri
Email: homeboy@yahoo.com

Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Web Site:

Feedback: I love this page. It looks really nice and good. keep it up.

Posted: 22 April 2007
Name: Jamie Galt

Organization: Thomson Rivers University
Location: Kamloops BC Canada
Web Site:
Feedback: Just wanted to thank you for the use of the site. I'm student here in Canada in internationl development / adventure tourism management. Your site is amazing, and the Wakhan looks even more impressive. Hopefully i make it there someday.

Posted: 15 April 2007
Name: Ghulam Ahmed
Organization: Hunza Valley Hospitality & Tourism Management
Location: Hunza, Pakistan
Web Site: www.hunzavalleyexperience.com


Posted: 7 April 2007
Name: Yuval From
Location: Jerusalem, Israel
Web Site:

Feedback: Your website is absolutly perfect! As an addicted traveler myself I find this website very usefull. Being an Israeli travelling in this ares is a little complicated. I know i could get a visa to Afghanistan only in Khorog so if i want to visit the afghan wakhan it would be from ishkashim, Do you think it is possible to visit the little and big Pamirs, without going down to Kabul for getting the permits?(which is extremly dangerous and irresponsible for an israeli to my opinion) What do i need to do in Ishkashim' in order to get the permission from that army commander? Do I need it at all? Thanks and keep up your amazing work. Yuval

Posted: 25 March 2007
Name: Alex Duncan
Organization: ORA
Location: Kipkut, Wakhan, Afghanistan
Web Site:

Feedback: Hi We finally got the internet and i have seen the website for the first time - it looks great. Things are changing here very fast as far as tourist infrastructure goes. i'll go through the information and let you know where things have changed. The ORA base has moved to Kipkut, next to Shulk. thanks Alex

Posted: 13 March 2007
Name: Luca Gianotti
Organization: Mountain Wilderness
Location: Italy
Web Site:
Feedback: We are organizing a group-trekking in Wakhan for this August (1-30), we want to thank Juldu.com for the informations that are helping us.

Posted: 24 February 2007
Name: Jason Kerr
Organization: Great Game Travel Afghanistan
Location: Faizabad
Web Site: www.greatgametravel.com

Feedback: Nice website. We enjoyed being in the Wakhan and Small Pamir in 2006 with our two small boys. We are looking forward to returning this year. We already have several groups in the process of signing on for this year's trekking season.

Posted: 19 February 2007
Name: Julia Brussies
Web Site:

Feedback: I find your website very interesting. The pictures are magnificent.

Posted: 14 February 2007
Name: Munir Uddin
Organization: Chapursan Valley Conservation & Devolopment Organization
Location: Chapursan Gojal Hunza Gilgit Pakistan
Web Site:
Feedback: I could not see all of your web site but I saw some parts. There is a very easy, interesting, beautiful & very safe route to explore Wakhan from Pakistan side through Irshad Pass from Chapursan Valley to Wakhan can you mention it in your guide map? MUNIR

Posted: 12 February 2007
Name: Jeanne Bryer
Organization: Afghan Links
Location: UK
Web Site:
Feedback: Great site - wonderful resource and it's great to be able to share it in my newsletter - it will appear in the very next issue! I've travelled from Faisabad to Ishkashim (little map on my website) but never yet trekked the Wakhan corridor - certainly hope to one day.

Posted: 9 February 2007
Name: Dr. Michael Hirth, Head of Program & Security Coordinator GTZ AFGH
Organization: German Technical Cooperation (GTZ), Basic Education Program for Afghanistan
Location: Kabul
Web Site:

Feedback: Your site and your infos motivate me to look for information and finally start into the adventure, Best, Michael.

Posted: 9 February 2007
Name: Andreas Timmler
Organization: 'Kinder brauchen uns' e. V. (NGO)
Location: Germany
Web Site:
Feedback: Hello, wonderful site! I´ve been in Afghanistan 4 times. Next time I will be in Afghanistan is in March 2007. You can visit our webpage http://www.kinder-brauchen-uns.de. On this site you will also find many photos and information about our work in Afghanistan. Greetings from Germany: Andreas.

Posted: 8 February 2007
Name: Kate Buggeln
Organization: Bpeace
Location: New York
Web Site: http://www.bpeace.org

Feedback: Only get to work when I visit Afghanistan but you make me reconsider . . .thanks for the site and the inspiration!

Posted: 7 February 2007
Name: Ali Rehmat Musofer
Organization: Ard
Location: United Arab Emirates
Web Site: http://www.spatialworld.com

Feedback: I have keen interest to visit Wakhan, if there a trip to Wakhan please let me know if i arrange my time i will join you, my language is speaking there in wakhan corridor, WAKHI.

Posted: 7 February 2007
Name: Muhammad Darjat
Email: darjatrgm@yahoo.com
Organization: AKDN/AKF
Location: Faizabad, Afghanistan
Web Site:

Feedback: Partially I did review your website. It is a good effort to compliment the efforts to attract tourists to this special and isolated part of the world. Aga Khan Foundation with the support of Ministry of Norway has helped some families in Wakhan to establish modest tourist guestshouses. Major location of Guesthouses include village of Quzdeh; Qila Punja; Gozkhun;Sarhard e Brugil and a camp side in Khundud. People have also been trained in guesthouse management and work as tourist guides. I hope this information may be useful to potential people who are interested to visit Wakhan. Darjat, AKF Faizabad Badakshan (Afg)

Posted: 1 February 2007
Name: Ernist Abdirashitov
Organization: mental health and HIV/AIDS
Location: Kyrgyzstan
Web Site:

Feedback: Pictures are wonderful! Especially of Kirgiz.

Posted: 6 January 2007
Name: Piotr Spiewanowski
Email: piotr.spiewanowski@gmail.com
Location: Warszawa, Poland
Web Site:
Feedback: It is one of the best websites I've ever seen. I am really impressed. I plan to visit Afghanistan this summer so all the information you provided are of the highest importance for me. Thanks a lot, and enjoy you next trips, cheers, Piotrek.

Posted: 5 January 2007
Name: John Kropf
Email: kropferama@yahoo.com
Location: Virginia, USA
Web Site: www.johnkropf.com
Feedback: Fascinating, wonderful website. I may never reach the Wakhan but this is the next best thing. Lived in Turkmenistan for two years. Love Central Asia.

Posted: 5 January 2007
Name: Chris Runyan
Email: chrisrunyan@hotmail.com
Location: USA
Web Site:
Feedback: This really is a fabulous website and great photos with superb advice. I miss the Wakhan already. Thanks for doing this.

Posted: 4 January 2007
Name: Duncan Gardiner
Email: duncan45@cox.net
Location: Lakewood, Ohio (Cleveland)
Web Site:
Feedback: Interewting, informative, lots of practical help for planning. The website design and execution are elegant.

Posted: 22 November 2006
Name: Kenneth Boetker
Email: kebo@innomail.dk
Location: from Denmark lives in Germany
Web Site:
Feedback: I have been to the Shignan and Wakhan before as a soldier as a reconstruction team and we mostly drove patrols and lived in the mountians i love the afghanig people and this amazing country and i miss it so much and dream about going there agian some time soon i think about it every single day so thank you very much now im one step closer thank you again

Posted: 3 November 2006
Name: Nikolay Dubrovsky
Email: dubrovskij@mail.ru
Location: Moscow
Web Site: zerev.narod.ru
Feedback: Thank you for such an exhaustive and useful guide to Wakhan. I'm a russian backpacker, and like so much to travel around Pamir, went Wakhan in 2005. And one of the main problem was lack of information: I wasn't sure it is safe, didn't know much about wakhan people lifestyle and mentality. With this guide travelling to Wakhan becomes much more easy and predictable.

Posted: 1 October 2006
Name: Aziz Ulu
Email: azizulupamir@mynet.com
Organization: Avro tours & rent a car
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Web Site:
Feedback: My name is Aziz I am from pamir [afganistan]. I am now in Turkey istanbul I am working in istanbul airport. I am from little pamir in karatash near tajikistan, I came to Turkey in 1982 I am now in istanbul with my family also.

Posted: 26 September 2006
Name: Wes Olson
Email: wesolson@gmail.com
Location: currently... pakistan
Web Site: wesolson.blogspot.com
Feedback: Some of your photos are fantastic! Good job...

Posted: 7 September 2006
Name: Alam Jan Dario
Email: Pamirtrails@gmail.com
Organization: Pamir Serai
Location: Gilgit, Northern Areas, Pakistan
Web Site: www.geocities.com/pamirserai
Feedback: I am a wakhi man from chapurson valley of pakistan. My grand parents come frome wakhan and i write poems in wakhi for the only 30 minutes of wakhi radio for the wakhis in pakistan china tajikistan and wakhan coridor. My village is zoud khon the first village when the kirghiz and wakhi people are coming from wakhan in to the valle chapurson for suply. They would have to stay with us. That way i have many friends there. Your web site is very interesting. Thanks for this. I know many people on the pictures of this.

Posted: 5 September 2006
Name: Bill Colegrave
Email: bill.colegrave@dial.pipex.com
Location: Surrey, UK
Web Site:

Feedback: This is exceptionally helpful. I want to travel the Oxus, or as much as possible. This site gives me far more info in moments than I had so far. Does anyone know anything about the navigability of the river? I was there (only Khorog and down river) about 10 years ago and do not recall seeing boats. As it is the border are there restrictions on its use?

Posted: 3 July 2006
Name: Anil Chagani
Email: anil@chagani.com
Location: Dubai, U.A.E.
Web Site:

Feedback: Excellent website. Very detailed. Thanks for the advise. I've wanted to travel to Wakan since reading Nick Danziger's book some years ago. Maybe...

Posted: 26 June 2006
Name: Agustinus Wibowo
Email: augustweng@yahoo.com.cn
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
Web Site:
Feedback: Very useful and resourceful website. Thank you very much of providing such detail information about Wakhan and Pamir, as I am planning to do the trip and this website has answered all of my questions. Thank you so much.

Posted: 6 May 2006
Name: Kutlu Kurbanbeg
Email: kurbanbey@yahoo.com
Organization: Kirghiz of Ulupamir/Turkey
Location: Turkey
Web Site:
Feedback: We have arrived from Afghanistan Pamir to Turkey 1982 year. At the moment we live in Turkey in village Ulupamir. In Afghan Pamir there live our relatives, very beautifull photograph. Thank you.

Posted: 28 April 2006
Name: Benjamin Marty
Email: benjamin.marty@free.fr
Organization: Terre des Hommes
Location: Haïti
Web Site:
Feedback: Simple, clear, deep, interesting, nice & useful site. Cheers

Posted: 25 April 2006
Name: Michael Ellis
Email: michael.r.ellis@gmail.com
Organization: US Embassy
Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan
Web Site:

Feedback: Incredible site you guys! You've inspired a pair of wanderlust addicted Americans to do something of the same.

Posted: 27 February 2006
Name: Nancy Dupree
Organization: Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief's (ACBAR) Resource and Information Center (ARIC)
Location: Kabul
Web Site: www.afghanresources.org
Feedback: Thank you for the information. Very handsome presentation on your website. Congrats. All success, sincerely, Nancy.

Posted: 14 February 2006
Name: Zulfiqar Ali Khan
Email: zulfiqar@kado.net.pk
Organization: KADO, Hunza
Location: Hunza, Pakistan
Web Site:
Feedback: Wonderfull website about such inaccessible and isolated communities of roof of the World.

Posted: 9 February 2006
Name: Maria Chiara Starace
Email: mcstarace@libero.it
Organization: Mountain Wilderness International
Location: Italy
Web Site: www.mountainwilderness.org
Feedback: An unexpected marvel of informations and wonderful photos. Thanks very much. I hope we'll be able to make good use of them in a near future.

Posted: 6 February 2006
Name: Sarah Villeneuve
Email: sarahv@coastalcontacts.com
Organization: Coastal Contacts
Location: Vancouver
Web Site:
Feedback: Incredible photographs. I don't even have the words to express the feeling that your pictures
depict. Thank you for sharing them online for the rest of us to enjoy.

Posted: 2 February 2006
Name: Rachel Kyne
Email: rachelkyne@hotmail.com
Location: Vancouver
Web Site:

Feedback: Merci bien pour ce site fabuleux, les photos et les infos sont pas seulement intéressants mais aussi inspirants. Que vos voyages continuent et que vous continuez à partager vos expériences! Félicitations pour ce travail. Rachel.

Posted: 31 January 2006
Name: Paul Clammer
Email: info@kabulcaravan.com
Organization: Kabul Caravan
Location: Wiltshire, UK
Web Site: www.kabulcaravan.com
Feedback: A fantastically detailed website, full of hard-won information to a part of Afghanistan that is
hard to get reliable facts on. Highly recommended, I am looking forward to using the trekking notes in the

Posted: 28 January 2006
Name: Surat Toimastov
Email: pamirad@tjinter.com
Organization: Pamir Adventure
Location: Tajikistan
Web Site: www.pamir-adventure.com
Feedback: Great pix! I was dreaming to visit this remote place for many years, but now it was possible ... Thanks, Surat.

Posted: 25 January 2006
Name: Ali Rehmat
Email: alimusofer@yahoo.com
Organization: Ard Topographics
Location: Sharjah UAE
Web Site: alimusofer.multiply.com and www.hussaini.20m.com
Feedback: The work on pamir mountains is unique and attractive, and informative to all of travelers around the globe.

Posted: 21 January 2006
Name: Knut Landstad
Email: knut@landstad.com
Organization: Bjølsen Promo
Location: Norway
Web Site: www.landstad.com
Feedback: Extremely informative and well made guide. Thanks alot.

Posted: 10 January 2006
Name: Matthieu Paley
Email: info@paleyphoto.com
Organization: Kharab Bakri Inc.
Location: Hong kong among others
Web Site: www.paleyphoto.com
Feedback: Ti site Rafsh Khushrui té!

Posted: 3 January 2006
Name: Tim Hobin
Email: hobnob2k@aol.com
Location: United Kingdom
Web Site:
Feedback: Great site we are going out that way next year and might just have a go at your route. Lots of super info thanks Tim and Tracy.

Posted: 30 December 2005
Name: Daniel Auger
Email: misterblimm@hotmail.com
Location: Istanbul
Web Site:
Feedback: This is a fabulous site and the information is very accurate to what we also observed and went through with getting permits.

Posted: 21 December 2005
Name: Simone Carmignani
Email: simone@walkandridepakistan.com
Organization: Walk & Ride Pakistan, treks and tours
Location: Gilgit-Northern Areas
Web Site:
Feedback: Wonderful idea and website, really looking forward one day to see what's behind this side of the border... salaamat boshed simone gilgit.

Posted: 20 December 2005
Name: Stephanie Chamberlin
Email: stepheramma@yahoo.com
Organization: Columbia University
Location: Astoria, NY
Web Site:

Feedback: This is an excellent website! I feel like I get to take an adventure just by looking at the photos.

Posted: 16 December 2005
Name: Juan Ramon Morales
Email: info@juanramonmorales.com
Organization: Adventure Photography-Juan R. Morales
Location: Madrid (Spain)
Web Site:
Feedback: A mine of information and a real pleasure to read. Hope it inspires people to visit Wakhan and Northern Afghanistan.

Posted: 13 December 2005
Name: Matthew Leeming
Email: travel@matthewleeming.com
Organization: Travel Afghanistan
Location: Kabul and London
Web Site: www.matthewleeming.com
Feedback: This is an excellent site and guide to the most remote and beautiful place I have ever been. I hope it might inspire other people to make the journey to the Afghan Pamirs.

Posted: 13 December 2005
Name: Mark Jenkins
Email: mark@thehardway.com
Organization: OUTSIDE magazine
Location: USA
Web Site: www.thehardway.com
Feedback: Juldu is a stunning compilation of all the essential information you need for visiting one of the most remote and magnificent regions on earth.

Posted: 13 December 2005
Name: Luis Miguel López Soriano
Email: luis.soriano@gmail.com
Location: Madrid-España
Web Site:
Feedback: It is a good work about a unique place.

Other comments:

"Votre site est merveilleux, il est bien non grâce à de belles photos mais grâce à la profusion de documents utiles. Pour une fois on a pas l'impression de lire un Géo mais bien un guide." - R.D., Paris, 19 December 2005

"Le site est bien fait, pleines de ressources chapeau! Je n'ai pas pu tout lire mais c'est intéressant, en tout cas merci de l'avoir fait pour faire découvrir cette magnifique région. Quant à la galerie des photos, elle donne envie de voyager, de découvrir d'autres pays, d'autres cultures, d'autres visages." - H.R., Paris, 17 December 2005

"I liked your website, absolutely great pictures." - K.W.H., Amsterdam, 16 December 2005

"Your website is excellent - full of information of the highest quality" - P.C., London, 9 December 2005